operating model and organisation design

Our distinctive approach to operating model and organisation design will help you create a richer, more productive workplace, empowering your people to work together to deliver your strategy.

what is it?

Operating model and organisation design work helps leaders understand what key components of their business need to be changed so that the whole enterprise can work together to deliver the strategy and, therefore, the customer promise.

Our work usually starts with the operating model, helping you to identify the areas of focus for improvement and change in capabilities, processes, systems technology and structures.

This work then often leads to designing the best fit organisation design – ie having the right people with the right capabilities in the right place making the right decisions. However, as with all our work, our starting point is dictated by your needs, not the textbook solution.

This is difficult and delicate work, requiring understanding and empathy, balancing in-depth diagnosis of your challenges and opportunities with the vision and courage needed to solve them.

how do we do it?

We work from, but at the same time challenge and articulate, your strategy and business plans. We zoom in on the gap between where you want to be and where your business actually is today, helping you find a workable balance between strategic ambition and operational reality.

We develop a deep understanding of how your business works and what will need to change within the operating model for you to achieve your ambitions. We take a systems thinking approach, ie looking both at the components of the operating model and the whole operating environment (suppliers, partners, customers) and analysing how each impacts on and connects with the other.

Through hypothesis-led analysis, interviews and workshops we identify what needs to change and, together, we scope out options for how to make these changes a reality. In parallel, we use our World of 2030 research to help you look far in to the future to understand how trends will impact your business model. We bring all these insights together focusing on those components of your operating model and organisation design that will bring you competitive advantage. The ‘box and wires’ organisational charts synonymous with organisation design are the final stage of a much deeper and broader design process.

At the same time, we are acutely aware that paper doesn’t change people. People change people. There’s no point in creating the ideal operating model and organisation design if it can’t be made a reality. Every piece of work we do is infused with our ‘DNA of Change’ – a unique change philosophy supported by tools that address what helps us change and what holds us back.

Throughout our work, we mobilise teams and build ownership of the new operating and organisation design among the people who will make it a reality. This is key: when you’ve co-created the change, you are motivated to be the change. And co-creation is the watchword – it is the combination of our experience and insight and your people’s knowledge and ownership which turns your ambitions into reality.

we’d love to discuss how we can help you…

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