more than the sum of the parts

equipping a global bank’s IT leadership team with the cohesion and capability to lead through change

Having worked with us before, our client asked us back to work with the newly restructured global IT leadership team. Our challenge: to help them work together across borders and business units in revolutionary new ways.

our approach

Brought together under a new leader, the team comprised the heads of all the company’s major IT functions from across the globe. They needed to define their collective purpose and then, operating from a consistent set of principles, build trust and collaboration to form a powerful, cohesive team that would be more than the sum of its parts.

We started by gathering data on the team and the individuals within it. We conducted meeting behaviour analysis and individual psychometric assessments to give each leader a clear picture of their styles and preferred way of working. We used this data firstly to provide 1:1 insight to each individual. We then fed this in to a two-day workshop exploring the range of styles in the group, the opportunities this offered, the challenges it inevitably presented and how the challenges could be overcome.

We designed the workshop to help the team define its collective purpose, priorities and principles. Throughout the session we used in-the-moment feedback on how individuals were participating, to reinforce their understanding of their styles and preferences and the implications for the team.

The workshop marked a seminal point in the team formation, and the insights gained by the team are still being used more than two years later.

our insights

This leadership development intervention was hard-edged, data-informed, purpose-driven and firmly baked into the business reality, provoking difficult constructive conversations and triggering change. It was precisely because it wasn’t a ‘fluffy’ leadership ‘training’ exercise that it worked.

the results

The insights, collective purpose and increased trust gained by the team helped them to lead cohesively through a period of sustained change.

As a direct result of the success of our approach, we were asked by individual leaders in the team to roll out the same process within their
own functional leadership teams.