performance improvement

Using lean thinking and our proprietary approach to sustainable change, we’ll help you make sure every part of the process between you and your customer is working as well as it can, restoring flow and building in resilience and sustainability.

what is it?

Performance improvement is about getting your organisation working as efficiently and effectively as possible, oiling the cogs that deliver your strategy. It is about being lean, managing the whole end to end process rather than just a chunk of it, taking out waste and allowing a smooth flow of materials, data and ideas from concept to customer.

True performance improvement will also give your people a voice, a shared ownership of your goals and a passion for doing what’s right for your customers. Ultimately, it’s about creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Whatever your industry, the challenges are often very similar. In fact, insights from one industry can help to make step changes in another. However, we do bring particular insight and experience to water utilities, retail and leisure, manufacturing, life sciences and airports.

how do we do it?

Taking your customer as the starting point, we will work back with you through every part of the process, end to end, helping you pinpoint the broken links, call out the silos, identify mixed or missing accountabilities and quantify any unnecessary complexity. We will help you to map out your current state and your target state – not an ‘ivory tower’ target but an achievable vision of reality.

We use lean thinking techniques and statistical process control to help you to identify and extract the waste and complexity that is blocking the flow of services and products to your customer. This alone won’t help you achieve your target state or sustainable change, so we use our DNA of Change methodology to help you to identify and act on the barriers to change at an individual, team and organisational level. This in turn helps us to jointly design and deliver the culture change you need and the implementation plan that will help you to achieve your vision.

This work is all about statistics and stories, knowledge and passion, courage and vision – yours and ours.

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