leadership and culture change

what is it?

Our approach to leadership and culture change focuses on the organisation system as a whole. We look at everything from how the culture manifests itself in the customer experience – through clarity of strategy, process flow and organisational alignment – to how we lead, review and learn.

We focus on equipping the leaders charged with delivering your strategy to rise to the challenges with authenticity, integrity and courage. We help lay the foundations for deep culture change, challenging leaders and their teams to achieve more than they thought possible. We help free up space for the right questions to be asked in order to frame the strategic response, on the premise that open minds are the most fertile ground for visionary thinking.

how do we do it?

We use a blended approach of organisational maturity diagnostics, listening sessions, psychometric tools and enlightened leadership philosophy to get under the skin of the organisation and understand what’s really going on. This enables us to understand how people are feeling, where the power is (alignment of accountability & authority) and how people work across functions – all of which informs how we will measure and monitor performance.

We work from the top down and bottom up, across end-to-end process flows, to help leaders and teams reconnect with who they are and what motivates them. We’ll help to get a handle on everything from external trends – using our World of 2026 research – to internal dynamics and how best to connect with colleagues. For a leader, this means being curious, asking what motivates you, what strengths you bring, how you can build better connections. And then to make change happen, being brave enough to think and act differently, doing what you think is right – built on a firm foundation of good management skills and the relevant expertise.

Working with your people to design solutions, we’ll build the momentum to enable change – creating a cultural shift towards an environment of continuous change, learning and improvement.

we’d love to discuss how we can help you…

get in touch with Sherna Bhadresa, one of our leadership and culture change experts, by email or call +44 (0) 20 7298 7878.