from being smart to winning hearts

helping a tech-driven business to make customers the engine of success

Our client had a great online product and the technical expertise to translate new ideas into even better products. However, technology, not customers, was driving the business. The new owners brought in a new CEO, who asked us to help him reconnect the business to its customers.

our approach

We started with a scoping visit to understand the problems this global business faced, holding feedback sessions with the leadership team and all staff across the business.

We found there was no strategy, no clear processes and confused accountabilities; teams were working in silos with few common goals. A heavy focus on technical innovation left little time for customer understanding and commerciality. And staff felt frustrated that they didn’t have a voice.

Based on our findings, we mobilised the leadership team to create a clear commercial direction for the business. We worked with them to develop a customer-led operating model with new core processes, new organisation structure and accountabilities.

We also highlighted the need to bring the business along with them. We helped them to define and clearly articulate the strategy, and develop a company scorecard and strategy map for each area. We made sure everything was aligned, designed a new planning process and review cycle, and oriented the business management process to the operating model.

Most importantly, we helped everyone collaborate to make the leap from great individual teams to one high performing team. This meant recognising everyone’s value in building success, finding the right balance between tech development, spending on access routes to customers, and delivering great online merchandising. Connecting everyone up was vital to developing and consistently delivering a great customer experience and exceeding targets.

Underpinning the whole journey we took with our client was a cultural transition: from thinking like a technology company to thinking like a retailer.

our insights

Sometimes technology-led businesses can start out providing a game changing customer offer. But as they mature they lose sight of the fact that their customer expectations of the brand are maturing too. If they remain tech-led, they may fall short of customer needs.

By coaching senior leaders to work as one cohesive team, we laid the foundations for the whole organisation to work better together. In an organisation which had gone through numerous changes, people had found ways of coping despite the system. Supported by an aligned leadership team, teams saw the benefit of working collaboratively. Giving people the opportunity to be heard was key to success.

the results

The biggest impact was a rise in customer satisfaction from an average of 45% to 73%.

In the new collaborative, transparent climate, teams now actively look for opportunities to support each other. The leadership team meet regularly and provide clear strategic direction. Everything is underpinned by a clear organisation structure, and defined accountabilities based on the new operating model.

Staff satisfaction scores have jumped from mid percentile to upper percentile. In the words of one director: ’This is transformative. We can do this and we are excited about it.’