business transformation

Business transformation pulls in expertise from across our service spectrum. Using a systems thinking approach, it involves deep change across the entire organisation, harnessing the passion of your people and creating the space for everything to flow again.

what is it?

Business transformation is the big picture solution and incorporates all four of our other main services: strategy execution, operating model and organisation design, performance improvement and leadership development.

It involves bringing the organisation to a single point of focus and energising everyone within it. Because of its all-encompassing scope, business transformation is a complex, unpredictable beast that requires skilful and sensitive handling.

The skill is in understanding where to pay attention. In business transformation there are always many things that need improving, not only in different areas of the organisation, but also in different parts of the system.

The sensitivity lies in never losing sight of the fact that businesses are nothing without people, and that the way people feel is inextricably linked with the way a business functions.

how do we do it?

We will work with you to find out exactly what’s going on; listening to you and challenging you in order to get the clearest possible picture of the problems to be solved. We will frame these problems in the context of a systems map so you can see how best to address all the interconnected issues that our diagnostic insight uncovers.

We’ll help you find the data that proves the business case for change. And because we know that stories are at least as powerful as statistics, we’ll draw out stories from people across the business that will tell you what needs to change and why.

We will help you build the best solutions – not off-the-peg fixes, but bespoke, multifaceted solutions that rise to all the different challenges and pave the way for a self-adapting, self-sustaining business. Then we’ll help you to implement them, constantly reviewing what’s working and what isn’t, fine-tuning as we go.

We will help you to face the brutal facts (because there are always some) and to understand what is holding you and your organisation back on the path to change. And then we’ll help you to think differently about the challenges you face. Using our unique DNA of Change methodology, we will share with you our collective experience and insight into how to make change happen, leaving you with the skills to carry on leading and implementing sustainable change once we’ve gone.

Together we will track the benefits that our jointly owned benefits case projects, making sure we are delivering the value and the culture change that we promised.

We’ll do all this at a pace that will at first seem scary but will soon become exhilarating. We can promise you a lot of lightbulb moments along the way. And you can look forward to reaping the rewards – faster than you would have thought possible.

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