who we are

‘They've got lots of integrity, they are very creative, clever and quite alternative... they can bring something quite special to most problems which most businesses will face.’

Ben Wishart, Group CIO, Ahold

We started life on the first day of the new century with an ambition to do interesting work with interesting people. Now, more than midway through our second decade, we have bases in the UK and US and we continue to work throughout Europe.

Business transformation is where our own growth has come from in the last few years, a testament to how we're helping clients to accelerate through change and come out thriving. We love what we do and we’re proud to be working with such interesting and influential clients.

We understand that businesses are nothing without people, and this is where we bring deep empathy along with deep expertise. We come in, roll up our sleeves and get to work with your people, co-creating the change you need to see in your organisation.

We do it fast – at a pace that will at first seem scary but will soon become exhilarating. We do it in the ways that work best for you, using a combination of tried and tested solutions and bespoke techniques in response to your unique needs.

And we do it at whatever level you need us to. Transformation doesn’t have to be about your whole business. Yes, it can be an all-singing, all-dancing, all-encompassing thing. Equally, it can be a small yet meaningful part of the whole. Whatever the scope of the work, every transformation we’re involved with has one thing in common: it makes a big difference. Not only to your bottom line, but also to everyone’s lives.

Our commitment to making life better for people runs deep. We believe in giving back, both to communities and to the world itself, and we’re working hard to build on the range of corporate responsibility initiatives we’ve instigated.

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work with us

The work we do can’t be pigeonholed – it’s multi-faceted, creative and always bespoke. We’re looking for people who are equally multi-faceted, creative and unpigeonholeable. We’ve created a business in which we want to work, and we’re growing, fast. If you think you’d like to work here too, we’d love to hear from you.

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how we’re giving back

We support a range of causes that encourage us to open our minds, think differently and help improve people’s lives.

We’ve sponsored and actively supported TEDx Exeter for the past five years – a partnership which we continue to build on. We regularly donate to charities such as Restless Development to help empower young people around the world. We also offer pro bono work where we can add value through our time and insights, for example, delivering a team development day with Restless Development.

We guest lecture at a range of universities, and in the countries where we work we offer paid internships to help people onto the job ladder. We like nothing better than eating and exercising, so we do both in equal measure to fundraise for a range of charities.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are close to all our hearts, and as individuals we’re involved in many more causes and projects. Collectively we are committed to building on the work we’ve done and the difference we’ve made so far, and we’ll be highlighting new initiatives as they get underway.

Carter Koen

summer intern working in US

I’m in my third year at the university of Missouri studying psychology. My dad had been working on a big change project at Walgreens with “some crazy British guys”. I was curious about business consulting, so I went to chat to them and found myself on a six-week internship working on a business transformation programme.

What I loved about it was that I wasn’t just the intern. People asked me for my opinion. I got to shadow consultants and help with presentations and facilitation. I felt like part of the team. I also did three research projects: on what makes great leadership, cultural differences by state, and retail trends.

The experience showed me that being a full time consultant would be amazing. You’re engaging people at such a level that you are helping them to better themselves and adapt to change. I really miss it now I’m back at college. I would recommend it to anyone, especially anyone who’s passionate about helping people to change and wanting to be part of a movement.

I can’t thank the team enough. The experience has really turned things around for me. I now know what I want to be – I’m passionate about my classes again, I’m more effective, I know how to get people thinking. I’ve really learned how to help people to change by asking, not telling. It just helps me feel better about myself.